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Claim already denied? We can appeal your denied disability claim.

Denied Disability Claim

How to Start Your Social Security Disability Appeal in Alabama

We are here to help you with your social security disability appeal process. We know that applying for Social Security Disability is a daunting task. The paperwork is complex, the process is long and the vast majority of claimants are denied on the first try. Many face a denied disability claim and, unfortunately, too many people are too quick to take no for an answer.

Don’t let the window close on your rights. You can appeal your claim. You can help your own cause. The most important things you can do to improve the odds of your social security disability appeal are to (a) keep seeing your doctors and (b) contact an attorney who specializes in disability law. At Cox & Stansberry Law, Social Security Disability is all we do. We have a notable record of success in denied disability claim appeals.

Denied Social Security Benefits? There Is Something You Can Do!

We have helped thousands of clients in northern and north central Alabama qualify for disability benefits after their initial claims were rejected.
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Our Birmingham and Montgomery SSD/SSI Lawyers Will Handle Your Social Security Disability Appeal

Before private practice, Janet P. Cox served as lawyers in the Social Security Administration’s division of administrative appeals. They are knowledgeable about how claims are processed and why claims are flagged for closer scrutiny and ultimately rejection.

We can address the common reasons that result in denied claims:

  • Incomplete medical records or work histories frequently lead to a denial.
  • Errors in filling out the forms are the root of many denials.
  • Younger workers (under age 50) are presumed to be able to perform some type of work.
  • Subjective complaints such as pain or fatigue are given less weight than objective medical records.
  • Mental impairment claims require substantial documentation by other professionals.
  • People who stop seeing their doctors are often assumed to be on the mend.
  • People who were not represented by an attorney on the initial application may not even know why their claim was turned down.

Exploring Your Appeals

Social Security Disability Appeal: you can request an administrative law judge (ALJ) hearing if your initial claim is denied. The hearing represents your chance to tell your story, supported by your medical records and other evidence. Our role is to make sure your records are updated, to prepare briefs for the judge, to prepare you for testimony and to cross-examine the experts.

An adverse ALJ decision can be appealed to the Appeals Council, which in turn can be challenged in federal court. Our attorneys have prevailed at all levels, but the rate of success diminishes at each stage.

We put great energy into preparing for the ALJ hearing because it represents the best hope for winning your case.

At Cox & Stansberry Law, we know that the Social Security Disability timeline is painfully slow. We can’t impose time deadlines on the government, but we can quickly submit your appeals at each stage and make sure the Administration has all the information it needs to rule in your favor. We offer a free consultation, and we take no attorney fees unless and until you win your case.

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